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Gus was a bit of a tough guy at Lincoln Place Apts in Venice, CA, before we rescued him and 30 others from their home before it was tented, fumigated and demolished. He picked fights with the other boy cats and we were concerned how we would do if relocated somewhere. WELL, we are happy to report that Gus is getting along just fine with 10 other cats he used to not get along with! Not only that, but he's actually being a very good boy and has befriended the youngest cat, Ben, often seen snuggling with him! So Gus, this bad boy, was really a good boy the whole time. Maybe his bad attitude was provoked by humans that he didn't like. We'll never know. But we do know that he's safe, happy, and is playing with other cats! Gus hopes you will reward him for his good behavior by being his sponsor!

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