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Blondie is a beautiful, sweet girl, who gave birth to a litter of kittens that all went to forever homes except for one, her daughter Button, who stayed feral - maybe secretly so she could stay with her mommy! Blondie and Button are both beauties and are inseparable. Even though Blondie loves people and to be pet, we had to keep her with baby Button! They were part of a 30 cat rescue from Lincoln Place apts in Venice, CA before their home was tented, fumigated and demolished! They are in a new safe area where they get to lay in the sun (especially in their favorite cozy purple bed), play with their other cat friends, and be cared for. Blondie hopes you will sponsor her so she never has to worry about anything every again.







If you are interested in adopting a cat you may contact:
email: adoptions@straycatalliance.org

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