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Who's That Cat

So very sad, but so very true: Many cats labeled “feral” were once someone’s pet and are now rightfully confused and terrified to have been abandoned or lost. If there are at a shelter, they’re in real danger.

These “feral” cats aren’t officially “feral,” but rather, they are “stray.” We also call them “community,” “free-roaming, “social” or “un-socialized” cats. They’re all cats and we’re here to help them.

cat rubbing mans'legs

If you’ve found a stray cat on its own, chances are someone’s beloved pet has gone missing. It’s a situation that all responsible, caring pet owners dread. Think how you’d want someone to act if this was your pet. We’re assuming you’re not the sort of person who’d walk or drive right by a lost cat.

Desperately Seeking Mom or Dad:

  • Does an ID tag or collar show owner contact information? Whew. Call the owner and prepare to be thanked.
  • If not, take the cat to your veterinarian to be scanned for an ID microchip or tattoo.

“Found Cat” Essentials:

If you’re already a cat owner, you already know what your found cat requires. If not, here’s a short list. At this stage, you’re hopeful you’ll locate the owner and that your new friend’s stay will be temporary.
  • a bowl for food and one for water
  • food!
  • box or folding carrier
  • a blanket or large towel
  • catnip, for you never know when you might need it
  • our website address: www.StrayCatAlliance.org

Read On:

Spread the Word
Create a flyer to post in the area where you found the cat. Include a minimal description...

In The Meantime
Still can’t find the cat’s rightful owner? You’ll keep looking, but for now, it’s still you, so step it up a notch...

Websites for Lost and Found Pets
First, check the websites of all local shelters. They usually post pictures and/or descriptions of animals in their “care.” The followings websites are highly recommended by us if you’ve lost or found a cat...