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A Special Message from Jackson Galaxy

Special Message from Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy
Dear Friend,

When I moved to Los Angeles four years ago, my first order of business was to "make the rounds" in the cat community. I began by introducing myself to shelters, veterinarians and rescue organizations to determine how I could help through my extensive rescue experience and my busy animal behavior practice. I soon became acquainted with Stray Cat Alliance (SCA) and the incredibly vital work the organization does. I was so impressed by SCA's dedication to advocate for all cats and by their unwavering enthusiasm. Since then, I've never left. I am now a proud member of Stray Cat Alliance's Board of Trustees.

On my Animal Planet show, "My Cat from Hell," I strive to help as many cats as possible by demonstrating that each one-no matter his/her "issues"-is equally deserving of understanding and love. That philosophy is representative of the community of compassion Stray Cat Alliance continues to build. Whether in homes, in shelters or in our communities, together we have refused to allow cats' needs to be marginalized.

Your support has been the cornerstone of our efforts. Over the past 11 years, SCA has supported over 100,000 community cats with life-saving services! We have touched thousands of lives-both animal and human. YOU helped us accomplish our goals through your volunteer and financial support. Thank you! But due to a growing community cat population, dangerous legislation that will harm animals, and challenging economic times, SCA must expand its reach to save more lives.

We are going full-force to advocate on behalf of animals, and prevent the "Hayden Law" from being repealed by California Governor Brown. We took your names and comments directly to the Governor and we believe it made all the difference in the world.

Our new program, I Spayed LA, has really taken off! To develop community participation, we began in one neighborhood. We are training neighbors to identify cat colonies, become Trap/Neuter/Return resources, and care for homeless animals. Now that we have launched this highly in-demand program, and as word of its benefit spreads throughout other neighborhoods, we know we must honor our commitment to stay and spread our program even farther.

Please take a moment to review these news clippings. Note the widespread coverage SCA has received and what others are saying about us. It's "all good."

You are part of our SCA family and I'd like to ask you to continue to support our life-saving work for cats by becoming a CATvocate member.

CATvocates was created to provide ongoing support for SCA and its highly effective programs.

CATvocate membership benefits:
  • Bi-annual newsletter
  • Membership Card
  • Invitations to all SCA events
  • Vendor discounts
  • Discounts on merchandise and some events
  • Acknowledgment on SCA website
  • CATvocates conference calls on special issues
    with executive director Christi Metropole
To join and help SCA continue and expand our life-saving work for cats, please visit this page and make a membership contribution online.

We are at a critical point in our mission. You've stood with us before, and I thank you. Rest assured you have saved lives. I'm honored at the prospect of welcoming you into our CATvocate family, as you continue to celebrate your love for cats-ALL of them!

A Stray Cat Love, Light & Cat Mojo,
Jackson Galaxy
Jackson Galaxy, Trustee
SCA Board of Trustees

EIN: 95-4787231

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