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Donate Direct


To donate directly to Stray Cat Alliance:

Your donations to Stray Cat Alliance saves lives.  Look what an impact your contributions can make for homeless animals:

  • $15 - Shots for one cat
  • $25 - Microchip a cat and makes you a CATvocate (Click here for benefits of your membership.)
  • $30 - Feeds a stray for a month
  • $50 - Spay/Neuter a cat
  • $100 - Blood work for a cat in need
  • $300 - Provides Dental Care for One Cat
  • Any other donation amounts are greatly appreciated!

Your donations are tax-deductable as allowed by the current tax law.

Please choose one of the following donation methods below: 

1.) Click here to make a secure, online Donation with your credit card. Recurring monthly donations may also be made here.
Visa Mastercard, American Express Discover

2.) Donate using PayPal (Paypal is not accepted for Raffle Tickets)

3.) Send a check to: Stray Cat Alliance, PO Box 41021 , Los Angeles, CA 90041

EIN: 95-4787231

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