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In addition to TNR, during the past decade Stray Cat Alliance has also provided free resources, education and public assistance to Los Angeles County citizens who seek help for stray cats. It is often said these cats are the greatest contributors to pet overpopulation. Stray Cat Alliance leadership interfaces proactively with government officials, corporations and the general public on behalf of homeless cats fending for themselves on Los Angeles County streets. The organization educates the community it serves about the issue of stray, free-roaming or community cats and corresponding humane solutions. Stray Cat Alliance documents feline population control as a proven means to save more cats’ lives, reduce intake and nuisance calls at municipal animal shelters and ultimately save tax dollars. Supported by a large donor base, we tackle a daunting task to save more feline lives every day from a needlessly dangerous, challenging and often misunderstood existence.

Won’t you join us in making life better for the cats?

Stray Cat Alliance adoptions are held every Sunday in Los Angeles, during which truly remarkable cats are given the opportunity for a new life in a forever home »
Care For Community Cats
To assist in promotion of Trap-Neuter-Return, Stray Cat Alliance’s five Trap Depots located across Los Angeles County lend out 400+ humane cat traps free to the public... »
I Spayed LA
SCA has recently embarked on this innovative spay/neuter project that targets some of the poorest demographic areas in Los Angeles. »