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FOOD DRIVE - Hard Times, Still Soft Hearts for Cats
The call to SCA’s Hotline was heartbreaking. "Ivanna" in South L.A. could no longer feed her cats... Read More


I Spayed LA
SCA has recently embarked on this innovative spay/neuter project that targets some of the poorest demographic areas in Los Angeles. Read More


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Stray Talk

With Christi Metropole

Christi Metropole

March 10th Community Day a great success for cats!
Sunday was an incredible day. It was our second Community Cat Day.  We booked in over 170 cats and kittens at our vet in South Central Los Angeles. » Mar 14, 2013

Hayden Second Victory
The California State Senate Budget Subcommittee voted unanimously to reject the Governor's proposal to repeal the Hayden Law. » Apr 13, 2012

A Victory for the Animals...Sorta'!
It really was a great day on Tuesday, going up to Sacramento... » Mar 15, 2012

Christi's trip to Sacramento - Hayden Law IS in jeopardy!
I just returned Thursday from Sacramento where I met with Assemblyman Mike Gatto. » Mar 3, 2012

T/N/R, Adoptions, Rescue, Hoarding: Do they all go together?
When people decide to do TNR, they also must be clear on what they aim to achieve... » Aug 2, 2011

It's Kitten Season Big Time!
Kitten Season is in full swing. What do you do? » Jun 2, 2011

Happy Caterday
Remember every day is a great day to have a cat but Caturday is special. » May 14, 2011

To Return or Not to Return
It is that time of year. It’s awful if you are a trapper or kitten tamer. There are so many kittens, not enough foster homes or forever homes. You want to go out and TNR (trap/neuter/return), but you are afraid you will run into litters that you have no place for » May 7, 2011

Feral is Not a Dirty Word
Stray Cat Alliance used to be called Feral Cat Alliance. We did not change our name because we felt true ferals didn't need our support or care – instead, we changed the name because we learned that the vast majority of cats on the streets are stray » May 7, 2011

Los Angeles Needs a Healing
For the past years, Los Angeles City has been in upheaval over how its shelter system has been run. From GM Dan Knapp who was literally was run out of town to today, we have seen the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services in turmoil » May 7, 2011

Kitten Season is Upon Us
Kitten Season is upon us. It’s the hardest time for cat rescuers/advocates in warmer climates. The births come on like a tsunami and the calls come flooding in.....All at once » May 7, 2011




Sponsor a Cat
We cordially invite you to join the Passion for Compassion Club Read More


Interview with Christi Metropole
Christi Metropole, Executive Director of SCA talks about the pet overpopulation crisis and what we do to help Read More


SCA on Critter Crusades
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