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Adoption Success Stories

Thor and Loki's Story
Thor and Loki - a long road to a purrfect home


Matilda's Story
I thought you might be wondering how Matilda is doing in her new little kingdom today. After you left yesterday she was very inquisitive, investigating every room and driven throughout the house by cat...


Penelope aka Harper's Story
Penelope aka Harper - daddy's girl shares her happy story


Missy's Story
Missy - from Lincoln Place to a loving home. It's like winning the lottery!


Penelope's Story
Penelope and I love each other very much. She follows me from room to room and wakes me in the morning at 7am to cuddle...


Smitty's Story
Smitty this morning - he loves his beds and toys.


Fifi's Story
SCA wouldn't let Fifi's heart sink...