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Fifi's Story


fifi in sink

Stray Cat Alliance Wouldn't Let Fifi's Heart Sink!

SCA came to Fifi's rescue when she was not adopted at the end of a Best Friends event.  There was no way SCA would let her go back o the Harbour shelter.  We networked for a foster and fortunately it resulted in a forever loving home with Janet Love, an experienced cat mom.

Here's the latest from Fifi's human: "Fifi is a super sweet cat.  Visitors to my home love her because she's one of those cats that loves to be petted by random strangers. She's getting accustomed to her new home. She has many sleeping spots such as the sink and the back of the couch!   She loves climbing into paper bags. When I get home at night she comes running and meowing. Squirrels and birds outside the window drive her insane." 

A purrfect fit again for human and feline!

fifi on stairs

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